Final Warning2
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competing in Final Warning
joshgibbons performing
by Sunny Darko


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  • Still vote every day, you shoulda been in and killing this tourny. Honestly.
  • You are very talented my son!!! Its just going to take that one door to open then watch out you will spread like wild fire!!! Keep the perseverance up :)
  • amazing words josh your mom was right your very talented the best raps come from the words we can all relate to bruh
  • Wow Mike...... h8 h8 h8
  • Thanx yall for the positive feedback. An artist cant elevate without fans. Much respect.
  • Ill As Always. -CALIber
  • Hell yeah!!!!
  • You got some skiLL dont give up... Follow this dream
  • Haha..U know damn well it aint about me trying to out do u..I entered cuz i felt i should, i was drawn to try so thats what im doing. I wish all the best.
  • Live performance dude live.... You don't sound like you are rapping into the camera my dude. Should'nt have tried so hard to out do your crews leader....