Gabb Wireless

Campaign Overview


Gabb wanted a fun and exciting approach to select an ambassador to represent them for the upcoming year. Additionally, they wanted to showcase a variety of hobbies and talents beyond electronics, highlighting everything else kids can do besides sit on a phone. 


Gabb organized a series of contests encompassing various activities such as Ski and Snowboard, Wheels, Create, Move and Variety. Each contest spanned six weeks, during which contestants would submit their video showcasing their unique talents. Contestants would then go get their friends and family members to vote for their entry. The winners from each contest qualified for the contest to find the next Gabb Ambassador. 

The Prize Structure:

To match the effort required for participation, an attractive prize package was crafted for each contest: 

Gigg Ambassador Search Contest:

The next Gabb ambassador received: 

  1. $10,000

  2. A year long contract as a Gabb Ambassador

  3. A Gabb phone

  4. Their own billboard in their hometown

  5. Their own Gabb documentary

The crowd favorite will receive: 

  1. $1,000

  2. A prize related to their entry

  3. A Gabb phone

  4. 4. An interview with the Gabb team

T-Shirt Contest: First place won $500, t-shirt sold on the Gabb website, an art lesson with Tyler Gordon, Gabb phone and $100 of Gabb merch. Second and third also won a cash prize, Gabb phone and Gabb merch.

Street Skate Contest: Two prizes (One boy, one girl) Both won a cash prize and a full skateboard setup from either Sierra Kerr or Zion Effs and a Gabb X2phone.

Surf Video Contest: Two prizes (One boy, one girl) Both won a cash prize, a new surfboard from Jackson Dorian and Sierra Kerr and a Gabb X2phone.

Ski and Snowboard Contest: Two prizes (One boy, one girl) Both won a cash prize, a new snowboard or skis from Kai Jones and a Gabb X2 phone. 

Singer/Songwriter Contest: Two prizes (One boy, one girl) Both won a cash prize, a new home studio from Lexi Mae Walker and a Gabb X2 phone. 

Social Media Integration

Gabb Life engaged their social media followers, created a social media to showcase all the different contestants and reached out to their follower base via email for those who aren’t active on social media. They posted multiple times encouraging entries and voting, building anticipation and involvement. This phase lasted from the beginning of the first contest, to the end of the ambassador contest notifying people when a new contest started, when they needed to get their entry in, when voting began and announcing winners throughout the year. 

Campaign Results

Engagement and Reach: 

The campaign series gathered 600 entries. The Ambassador Search Contest gathered an additional 240 entries. Over the course of the contest series, the campaign generated a substantial 660,000 site visits, with visitors dedicating an average of an extra two minutes and 38 seconds on the site. 

Data Collection & Brand Exposure:

Gabb collected over 24,000 unique, verified emails. The campaign also successfully directed almost 10,000 visitors to learn more about the new Gabb phone that was released during the contest series. 

Marketing Value

The compilation of campaigns created a value of nearly $600,000 based on industry averages. 

Analysis and Conclusion: 

These campaigns exemplify the invaluable role your customers play as key drivers in your marketing endeavors. Contestants owning a Gabb phone actively directed their friends and family to Gabb's website, fostering engagement and amplifying brand visibility. This strategic contest series not only created calls to action, prompting voters to explore and purchase the latest Gabb phone but also generated user-generated content—valuable content for Gabb's social media channels. The contests'  structure encouraged sustained engagement from both contestants and voters throughout the campaign series. This campaign serves as a powerful testament to the efficacy of creative and interactive marketing strategies in navigating the digital landscape.

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