Michael Bublé

"Higher" Dance Challenge Campaign

Campaign Overview

The marketing team of Michael Bublé collaborated with Gigg for a unique campaign aligned with Season 31, Episode 7 of "Dancing with the Stars," famously themed as "Michael Bublé Night." The campaign, titled the “Higher” Dance Challenge, was conceived to promote Bublé's new song "Higher."

Participants were invited to submit a dance video – in any style – choreographed to "Higher." The campaign was structured around public voting through five elimination rounds, adding a competitive and interactive element to engage fans.

The Prize Structure

To match the effort required for participation, an attractive prize package was crafted:

  • 4 round-trip airline tickets to Los Angeles.

  • Accommodations including hotel and ground transportation for four.

  • A private dance lesson with renowned dancer Derek Hough.

  • 4 tickets to the "Dancing with the Stars" season finale.

  • An exclusive one-on-one video call with Michael Bublé.

  • 4 tickets to Disneyland.

  • A special Michael Bublé “Higher” merchandise prize pack.

Social Media Integration

Both Michael Bublé and Derek Hough actively engaged their social media followers. They posted multiple times to encourage entries and voting, building anticipation and involvement. This phase lasted 30 days, providing ample time for participants to craft and submit their videos.

Campaign Results

Engagement and Reach:
The campaign saw an impressive 256 entries. The first day of voting itself brought a surge in website traffic, with over 55,000 visits. Overall, the website garnered over 716,000 visits, predominantly driven by word-of-mouth efforts from participants.

Data Collection and Brand Exposure:
A significant collection of 19,000 unique, verified emails was achieved. The campaign also successfully directed over 10,000 visitors to explore more about Bublé's new album and tour, clicking on the Bublé logos on the site.

Marketing Value:
The campaign’s success translated into substantial marketing value for Michael Bublé’s team, estimated to be over $450,000 based on industry averages.

Analysis and Conclusion

This campaign exemplifies the power of integrating celebrity influence, interactive content, and attractive rewards in a marketing strategy. The “Higher” Dance Challenge not only promoted Michael Bublé’s song but also significantly boosted engagement, collected valuable customer data, and enhanced brand visibility. The use of social media by Bublé and Hough amplified the reach, while the structured competitive format kept participants and viewers actively engaged. Overall, the campaign stands as a testament to the effectiveness of creative and interactive marketing strategies in the digital era.

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