The Prize

The top three entrants who got the most votes received cash, Truvy products, and a Truvy merchandise package.

Keeping It Simple

Due to the simplicity of entry, this campaign brought in 473 entrants. The entire challenge, including submissions, 3 rounds of voting and choosing a winner took 6 weeks.  The instant voting began, Truvy’s website received a massive influx of traffic—so much, in fact, that they had to make changes to their site in order to deal with that level of traffic.

The Results

The Post Your Progress campaign did exactly what Truvy had hoped. In a matter of weeks, they received 201,600 site visits and collected 473 testimonials with photos.  2,673 different people shared their brand on social media, and the campaign kept users on their site for an additional 1:51.  Based on industry averages, the approximate marketing value of this campaign was $533,829.

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